We can get stuck in patterns that we don't even realize. We can be comfortable, but not deeply into the pleasure of our life. We can lack joy, confidence, love or maybe that passionate spark we used to have for life... and slowly we get used to this numb way of living, even if it's not what we want.

Sometimes we need a wake up call, someone or something that shakes us up and give us a new perspective and a new way to think about life.

My clients are those who are living seemingly enviable lives on the surface but often feel like something is missing behind the scenes. They are in the season of reconciling the disconnection, loneliness and sometimes even shame that they secretly carry, deeply disconnected from their true desires.

If you’ve found yourself here then you probably know exactly what I'm taking about
and I can't wait to get to know your story.

Do you believe in the

I do, which means that you haven’t landed here by chance.






My greatest pleasure would be to help you step outside your comfort zone and bring pure magic into your life. To follow your desires, discover what freedom means to you, and connect to the most authentic, lit-up, turned-on version of you that you've ever dreamed possible. 

As a Concierge of Transformational Magic,
I’ve dedicated my professional life to supporting people just like you in reconnecting to your inner wisdom and rewriting your story, so that you can break through limitations and call your own shots without seeking validation from outside yourself. 

I’ve created the life of my dreams in beautiful San José del Cabo, México, with my three magical dragons (teenagers). Mountain biking first thing in the morning is how I get into my zone and in my free time, you'll find me walking the beach, or dining and dancing the night away.  

I love the incredible healing energy that manifests when powerful souls connect to co-create from the depths of their hearts, to help others feel seen, connected to something greater than themselves, and  inspired to  embrace the life of their dreams.

Creating alongside other magical facilitators, with the same deep spiritual purpose of nurturing others to embrace profound growth, lights me up inside! I deeply desire to help others  let go of what feels safe, and reignite the passion in their lives. If this desire is a fire within you too, I can't wait to cultivate a beautiful connection through an opportunity to speak to your beloved ones or co-facilitate a healing session with you.



This is for you if you’re craving a sacred, high-touch, personalized experience based on your specific needs, goals and desires. I get to know you deeply and design the custom support that you need.

The power of 1:1 facilitating with individuals and couples, paired with a high level of accountability, is paramount when it comes to gaining immediate clarity on what really matters to you and creating aligned momentum and action towards living your truth.

Don't worry, I understand life comes in waves. We'll work together when needed, not by a rigid calendar schedule.  



Spiritual. Magical. Mind blowing.
This is a highly curated, totally unique, transformational experience. I've deconstructed the idea of DFY retreats to offer you a life changing experience, to co-create incredible expansion. This isn't a one time getaway, this is the homework, the practice, the sustained journey.

Some ideas of  the infinite possibilities that you can expect:
Luxurious Accommodations in Sacred Destinations, Body Work, Energy Healing, Breathwork, Transformational Coaching, Private Plant Medicine Journeys and anything else calling your soul.

Singles, Couples or Groups. Ready to discover the truths of your heart, to overcome internal resistance, and  make your deepest desires a reality?



Trust the Whispers of yourSoul


Is life nudging you to turn inward and take the courageous step towards embracing the deepest desires that you've always known were your birthright?  If so, I can't wait to guide you, as a curator of transformational experiences, on a journey back to your most authentic self.

*Space is limited and available by application only.

Client Love

“Dana changed my mindset and approach to everything I do and opened up my life and world to unlimited possibility and happiness!”


“I don't hate myself anymore - It felt so good, to be able to share so honestly - I feel so much power”


"The most powerful aspect of my work with Dana has been cutting the roots of the limiting beliefs in my life, and re-planting myself in truth."


“She accepts me just the way I am and allows true beauty to slowly unfold inside of me, so my life really can be motivated by love”


“I felt a beautiful mix of intelligence and intuition, mind and heart. I always felt supported by her spirit and held accountable to my vision. ”



Ready to take the next step?