You hold the key...

Will you answer?

Wealth and a privileged lifestyle are not synonymous with freedom. Freedom is something we claim inside of ourselves. It’s a sacred call that only you can hear. 

I'm so glad you're here.

I know what it feels like to have everything you're supposed to want in life and yet still feel unfulfilled. Or worse, to be stuck looping your life like "Groundhog Day" deeply desiring something different, but no matter what you try or do, you can't seem to make headway. 

It's not your fault, I promise. 

I was living a lifestyle of luxury that included private jets, multiple  homes in exotic places, expensive cars, closets full of couture brands, and the privilege of not having to work. Imagine my surprise when one day, as I was going through some old journals, I realized that I was writing the same sh*t over and over, year after year. Verbatim!!! The exact same words, experiences and situations. The same arguments with my spouse, the same inner thoughts, feelings, sadness, fears and concerns. The same EVERYTHING!  Despite living a life that most people would only ever dream of, I felt stuck and deeply disheartened. It was as if I'd been living my life on repeat.

How could this be possible? 

How could I possibly want more than what I already had?

I felt lost, disconnected, and alone. Fear gripped me, along with a sense of guilt and shame. I wanted something different from my life. I needed something different. I kept trying to reinvent my life but found myself back in the same place over and over. I could no longer ignore it. It was time to release the societal script that had become my existence. I was finally ready to break free.

At the time, I felt that the only way to reconnect to myself and create change, was to disolve my 20 year marriage with 3 beautiful children. Which also meant leaving the comforts of my lifestyle as I knew it. I was terrified, but I felt like this was the only answer.

If only I knew then what I know now.

If you’re here, then most likely you can no longer suppress it either. You want something different from your life.
You need something different, and you can no longer ignore it. Don’t wait for some tragedy or ailment to be your catalyst for change.
Start living your life now!

I'm not here for the cookie cutter bullshit. Together we'll stop the pleasing of others,  so you can feel free in your life. Change your story change your life.

Let’s jump on a call today, and uncover your deepest desires so that we can make some magic happen!

Professional Credentials

Over the past two decades, I’ve experimented with an array of modalities and have accumulated a wide variety of tools, certifications, teachings and most importantly life experiences that are at the foundation of my philosophy. 

Here’s just some of the cred that I bring to my work:

  •  Certified Transformational Coach
  • Background in Psychology, Field & Energy Work as well as Reiki
  •  EBT, TCM
  • Intellectual Listening
  • Shadow Work and Family System Work
  • Intuitive Coaching and Lifestyle Design

Above all, I’m a student of my own work and I practice what I preach daily.

Let's uncover your deepest desires and make some magic happen!